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Downloadable Software Files

For Laureate Digital Panel Meters, Counters & Remote Displays

Laureate Setup & Calibration Software

  • IS3_5_4.exe (7.6 MB). Self-extracting executable file used to install Windows-based Instrument Setup (IS) software for Laureate digital panel meters, scale meters, counters, timers, remote displays and transmitters. By providing a graphical user interface (GUI), the IS software is an easier method to set up 1/8 DIN instruments than using front panel keys to set up parameters like input scaling, analog output scaling and relay setpoints. IS software is required for transmitter setup. When used with a Gen 1 Ethernet board (LNET, LNET485 or LTE transmitter), IS software automatically discovers all Nodes on a LAN or WAN. It also discovers any devices connected to an LNET485 Node via an RS485 bus. Its Main Menu can also accessed from NeworkSetup.exe. To install, download IS3_5_4.exe into its own directory such as c:\temp. Double-click on the file to unzip it, then double-click on setup.exe to install. See our Instrument Setup Software Manual for more informtion.
  • NetworkSetup_2_1.exe (100 kB). Executable .exe file which allows Laureate Gen 2 communication boards (LNET1, LNET1-485, LWIFI or LWIFIX) to be set up for a specific Ethernet local area network (LAN) or WiFi network. It requires that meter communications to be set up in a specific way and that the Gen 2 communications board be connected to the PC via a USB or RS485 cable. This file only works with Gen 2 (not Gen 1) communication boards. Normally use IS software to discover and set up Gen 1 Ethernet Nodes. See our Gen 2 Network Setup Manual for more information.
  • serial5p.exe (2.1 MB). Zipped set of communication utilities to be used with Laureate instruments. Uses commands described in our serial communications manual to diagnose communications and retrieve information from meters.
  • calwin30.exe(5.7 MB). Calibration software used for Laureate signal conditioner boards and analog output boards. Also see our calibration page.
  • re_init.exe (46 KB). Initialization software which tells a Laureate digital panel meter, counter, timers, remote display or transmitter what type of instrument it is. Used as a master reset.

Legacy Laureate Ethernet Software

  • NodeMgr1_1_7.exe (4.0 MB) is a self-extracting compressed file to install Windows-based Node Manager Software, which works with Gen 1 Ethernet boards (LNET, LNET485 or LTE transmitter). Like IS software, it discovers Nodes and their associated Devices. It can also assign IP addresses, name the Node and associated Devices, enter email addresses for alarm notification and data requests, and select the Node's time zone for time-stamping of emails and streaming data. Unlike IS software, it cannot set up parameters like input scaling, analog output scaling and relay setpoints. To install, download the file into its own directory such as c:\temp2, double-click on the file to unzip it, and double-click on setup.exe to install. See our Gen 1 Ethernet Manual for more information.
  • EtherLN1_4_3.txt (338 kB) is the latest revision of our Gen 1 Node firmware, which resides in flash memory of our Gen 1 Ethernet Nodes (LNET, LNET485 or LTE transmitter). This firmware version is required for compatibility with managed switches. To see if your Node needs a firmware upgrade, open the Node with Node Manager Software and click on the Firmware Upgrade tab. Upgrade to EthernLN1_4_3 if that version is higher than the version currently in your Node. To upgrade, click on above link and save the text file in a directory such as C:\Program Files\NodeMgr\. Then follow the instructions under the Firmware Upgrade tab. Upgrading will not affect the data stored in the Node.
  • EtherLN1_1_5.txt (272 kB) is the latest revision of our Gen 1 Node firmware to upgrade legacy Ethernet Nodes with firmware versions lower than EtherLN1_2_0.txt.

Laureate USB Driver

  • (4.5 MB). Contains the Windows drivers required for use of Laurel's USB interfaces, which use an FT232R USB UART chip by FTDI. Computers running Windows 7 or later may automatically download and install this driver from the Internet. If installation is not automatic, download the zipped file and unzip it into its own directory. Upon first use of the USB interface, you will be prompted for the location of the driver. Point to the unzip directory. Another download source is For installation help, please see

Laureate Datalogging Software

  • XLog2.2.0.exe (3.4 MB). Creates a powerful data logging system when a PC with XLog2 dataloggging software is connected to a mix of Laureate meters, counters, timers and transmitters. The logged data can be written directly to disk in the form of text files or MS Excel files. It can also be displayed by the PC in the form of up to 64 simulated panel meters in up to 4 groups (or screens) of up to 16 meters each. The data connection can be via Ethernet, RS485, RS232 or USB. With an Ethernet connection, data can be logged over the Internet. To install at no charge, double-click on the exe file. Now compapatible with Windows 10.
  • log5_0_0.exe (5 MB). Legacy datalogging software (prior to August 2012) without Ethernet connectivity or direct data transfer into MS Excel. Only recommended for existing installations. To install at no charge, double-click on the exe file.

Laureate Custom Curve Linearizing Software

  • CustCurv60.exe (2 MB). This is the executable PC file to implement custom curve linearization for Laureate meters, counters and transmitters with an Extended ordering option. A meter or counter must have a serial communication board and and available COM port 1-4. Following linearization, the communication board may be removed. Place this executable file in the same directory that will also contain the linearization data files. This software is available at no charge. For more information, please see our custom curve linearization page.
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