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Laurel up/down counter totalizer

Frequency, Rate Meter, Flow Rate Indicator

Two independent scalable pulse-input channels from 0 Hz to 1 MHz. Channels may be combined arithmetically. One channel can display total while other displays rate. High read rate for control applications: AC line frequency can be measured to 50.0000 or 60.0000 Hz in a few line cycles. Ideal for use as a tachometer or readout of a turbine flow meter.
Two-channel Laurel flowmeter totalizer used to control mixing

Totalizer (pulse input)

Two independent scalable pulse-input channels. Count up or down to a preset at rated up to 1 MHz. Scaled rate and total from the same electronic counter. Scaling for direct readout in engineering units, such as gallons or cubic feet based on counts from a turbine flow meter. One channel can display total while other displays rate.

Process Totalizer (analog input)

Displays and totalizes 0-1 mA, 4-20 mA, or 0-10 V process signals. Square root extraction is standard for flow applications, allowing display of volume from the 4-20 mA signal of a flow transducer with a linear or squared output.
Laurel digital stopwatch used instead of an oscilloscope

Digital Stopwatch

Designed to time single events or processes which produce start and stop pulses. Resolution to 0.2 µs, duration from 1 µs to 999,999 hours. Time may be displayed in HH.MM.SS clock format with 1 s resolution or in decimal H, M or S format with six-digit resolution. Multiple events can also be accumulated.

Time Interval Meter

Designed to time and average periodic events from 1 µs to 199.99 s. A timing resolution to 0.2 µs.
Laurel ratio and draw meter used to display elongation of film between roller

A+B, A-B, AxB, A/B, A/B-1 Draw Meter

Arithmetic functions (+, -, /, x) on dual channels A and B open a world of possibilities. For example, add or subtract rates from two flow meters for combined scaled flow or volume. Display the ratio of flow rates, RPM of rollers, or speed of moving belts. Draw, which is obtained by subtracting 1 from ratio, can be used to indicate elongation or shrinkage of material as it passes between rollers.
Laurel pulse input batch controller used to control a repetitive fill operation

Batch Controller (pulse input)

A low-cost controller for repetitive fill operations. The typical application utilizes a flow meter input and two built-in relays: a Prewarn relay slows down the pump near a preset to avoid overshoot and a Batch relay stops the pump at the preset.
Laurel batch controller with 6-digit LED display

Batch Controller (analog input)

Exceptional accuracy RTD temperature meter for Pt100 100-ohm platinum RTDs (DIN or ANSI alpha), Ni120 nickel and Cu10 copper. User selectable RTD type, unit of measure (°F or °C) resolution (1° , 0.1° or 0.01°), and 2, 3 or 4-wire hookup to eliminate lead resistance effects. Pre-calibrated for all RTD types. Wide range of options for communication and temperature control. Shipped ready to run.

Phase Angle Meter

Exceptionally fast response (up to 20 updates per second) and high accuracy for low frequencies, such as AC line frequency. A resolution of 1°, 0.1° or 0.01° is user-selectable. Accuracy is 0.01% up to 100 Hz, 0.1% at 1 kHz, and 1% at 10 kHz.
Laurel quadrature meter for position and rate

Quadrature Position & Rate Meter

Accepts low-level differential or single-ended 5 V logic level quadrature signals from shaft encoders to display scaled position or scaled rate. One, two or four transitions may be counted at a maximum combined rate of 250 kHz and be mathematically scaled to display in engineering units from -999,999 to +999,999. An analog output scaled to the display and relay outputs are optional.

Duty Cycle Meter

Displays ON or OFF period as a percentage of total period over a programmed gate time from 10 ms to 199.99 s. A resolution of 1%, 0.1% or 0.01% is user-selectable. Applications include monitoring modulated proportional control systems and pulse-modulated systems, such as radar, lasers or packet radio.
Magna Series Large Digit Digital Panel Meters and Remote Displays

Magna Series 2", 4", 6" or 8" Large-Digit Displays

Available with 57 mm (2.2"), 102 mm (4.0"), 144 mm (5.7")or 200 mm (7.9") digit height for clock, timer, totalizer, frequency and rate inputs. RS-422 and dual-relay output options.
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